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The Wine Storage Facility and Tower

Our Winery

The wines of the top vintner Stiegelmar from Burgenland are known far beyond the Austrian borders. A modern storage facility and tasting room are one of the logical consequences of the JURIS philosophy and an integral trademark for the estate. The building is defined by straight clear lines which abstain from unnecessary adornment, just like the JURIS wines themselves.

The complete winery was built in three phases. In the third phase, the wine storage facility was constructed to use the principles of gravity. Three levels include a cellar, a ground floor and a second floor in which wine is moved from above to below. The cellar integrates an old existing vault as well as a new construction and serves primarily for maturation. With its connection to the old cellar, the total length of the cellar under the entire winery is an impressive 100 metres.

The ground floor includes a break room for employees, storage rooms with varying room heights, a press house, and a laboratory. This part of the winery is also connected to the old existing part of the building and offers the possibility to manoeuvre a forklift throughout. The second floor houses a tank and storage space. Varying room sizes allow the storage of wine in both small and large vessels.

Construction Sustainability

Economic and ecological aspects were given consideration in the construction of the building. The storage hall was built with a steel frame and sandwich panels with a wooden façade. This construction was chosen not only to build faster and less expensive, but also for architectural aesthetics. Passive energy technology was also integrated in the facility’s construction. Specialized planners calculated the mass for a dynamic use of energy in the building. The goal was to create various temperature and humidity zones to provide the optimal storage climate for different wines at different stages of their production.

Winged doors between the various climate zones throughout the building prevent temperature fluctuations in the individual rooms.

The eventual installation of mechanical air circulation and cooling was considered, but was initially abstained. After nearly four years of use, it has been demonstrated that the high construction quality and superb planning have made it possible to operate the facility without additional air circulation and cooling.


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